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AfghanSkills and Kaspersky

 As an authorized Kaspersky reseller, AfghanSkills is a highly knowledgeable and accredited resource for the entire Kaspersky product line. AfghanSkills’s certified Kaspersky specialists are subject matter experts and can provide recommendations based on the unique needs of your organization. Leverage AfghanSkills’s established Kaspersky expertise to customize a fully integrated security infrastructure.

AfghanSkills specializes in the entire scope of Kaspersky solutions, including the following technologies:

Kaspersky Endpoint Security

for Business provides a robust IT security infrastructure to protect your critical business assets. Kaspersky delivers multi-level protection including malware defense, endpoint controls, data encryption, and systems, patch and mobile device management.

EndPoint Security for Business Select

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Select provides unmatched malware protection. Developed in strict compliance with the most stringent of security regulations, Kaspersky Endpoint Security is a robust defense for mobile and file server platforms, and offers malleable controls to meet the unique security needs of your organization.

To stop potential threats Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business advanced scan and patch management features catch vulnerabilities before they infiltrate. This software protects vital business assets and data with next generation encryption functionalities – even in the event hardware is lost or stolen.

Kaspersky Total Security for Business

Kaspersky Total Security for Business offers a complete security infrastructure to protect workstations, mobile devices, and file servers from malware vulnerabilities. Advanced encryption tools and advanced management/endpoint controls ensure the protection of vital business assets in even the most complex IT environments.

Targeted Security Solutions

Targeted Security solutions offer a cost-effective way to put Kaspersky technologies precisely where you need them – as standalone solutions or to extend your Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business or Kaspersky Total Security for Business solution.

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